The suspension of the match between tolima and millionaires for attacking the footballer daniel catano left a protest by the players of the blue team, who decided not to play the game due to lack of guarantees at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium, in Ibagué.

Cataño received a blow from behind. Immediately, he ran after his assailant and also hit her, for which the referee wilmar roldan I expel it. Immediately, the Millionaires players replied to the judge.

After several minutes of deliberation, Roldán decided to definitively suspend the game and the Disciplinary Committee of the championship will meet this Tuesday to analyze the situation and take action.

The fan who hit Cataño was identified as 21-year-old Alejandro Montenegro. The fan published a video in which he apologized for what happened.

«I come before you to apologize. Suddenly I got carried away by the emotions that are experienced in a football stadium, ”she said.

Alejandro Montenegro, a Tolima fan who attacked Daniel Cataño.


Taken from Win Sports and social networks

In his message, Montenegro did not tell Cataño, but he did hint at him: «I call for understanding that the provocations on one side and the other end badly and damage what is a sport in the assistant children, people older,» he said.

Montenegro, who was arrested in the middle of the field of the Ibagué stadium, was released this Monday. However, Cataño pleaded for personal injury. He also faces a sanction from Dimayor, which will include a fine and a ban on entering stadiums.

The attacker’s father apologized for what happened

Dayro Montenegro, father of the attacker, referred to what his son had done in an interview with El Alargue, from Caracol Radio. «Initially I apologize to the fans of Deportes Tolima and Millonarios, the show was stained by a mistake my son made,» he declared.

The father of the attacker implied that he already knows what will be the sanction that his son will receive during: «The sanction is already there, he cannot return to a stadium for 3 years and he has to assume it,» he said.

A message from Valentina Villegas circulated on social networks, apparently Alejandro Montenegro’s girlfriend, who came out to defend him after what happened on Sunday.


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