The expert report of the 23-year-old girl who accuses the player Daniel Alves of rape has already indicated signs of sexual assault.

The former athlete from Pumas, the Mexican club that renewed the contract with the right-back after the controversy, denies the allegations.

Since the case came to light a week ago, some indications that reinforce the alleged victim’s version have already been disseminated by the Spanish press, which had access to testimonies and medical examinations.

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Revealing medical report


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After the alleged assault, the woman was treated by an ambulance called by the Sutton nightclub, and transferred to the Hospital Clínic, a reference in the care of victims of sexual abuse. There, she underwent a medical examination. The report alleges that he suffered minor injuries compatible with the «fight» he had with the soccer player to avoid submitting to the sexual act.

The medical file showed that among the injuries found was a small bruise on the knee. It is a purple stain caused by bleeding in which blood infiltrates the skin. This is due to the rupture of some blood vessels.

The injury corroborates the narrative described by the young woman. In her version, she points out that Daniel Alves «He grabbed her by the neck, I don’t know if also by the hair and threw me to the ground, I hurt my knee».

According to the Spanish press, the Catalan police collected bodily fluids, including semen, that were found inside the bathroom cubicle. Samples of the young woman’s dress were also collected.

According to an investigation by the Spanish newspaper ‘ABC’, a new medical report on Wednesday confirmed a kiss between the player and the woman. This fact contradicts the version of the young woman. . In his testimony on January 2, he stated that there was no kiss «at any time.» Details about the intimate act have yet to be revealed.


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