The judge who investigates the ex-player of the Barcelona Dani Alves For allegedly raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in this city, he has offered to report him for sexual assault by touching one of the two friends who accompanied her, after both assured that he also groped them.

According to what judicial sources have explained to EFE, the two girls who accompanied the victim -a cousin and a friend- have testified this Friday before the head of the trial court number 15 of Barcelona, ​​​​in an appearance in which they have endorsed the complainant’s version.

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Both witnesses have ratified before the judge what they already declared to the Mossos d´Esquadra and they have confirmed that, before taking the complainant to the bathroom where the sexual assault allegedly occurred, the footballer also approached them with obvious sexual intent.


According to what they have related to the magistrate, the Brazilian soccer player approached one of the young women and put his arms around her waist, while the other came to harm touching her private parts, which, they have specified, made them feel «uncomfortable».

Sanz was born in Tenerife, Spain.


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In the course of the statement, the investigating judge has recorded the young woman who suffered touching in her private parts who has the possibility of reporting the facts, which the witness has rejected so as not to minimize the relevance of the serious sexual assault, which she suffered her friend.

debts around the neck

El Confidencial reported this Sunday that the Brazilian has been seized in Spain for his properties in that country.

It is assured that Alves owes 2.25 million euros and that he has a difficult situation regarding the issue of his debts.

They say that he has an apartment of 60.54 square meters in Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

farm and restaurant

This indicates that your financial status is not the best. Similarly, El Confidencial says that several of its sponsors have turned their backs on it, after the case of alleged rape.

It has a farm of about 600 square meters in Esplugues de Llobregatin which he appears with his ex-wife, Dinorah Santa Ana, but his part is seized by property.

Alves has an embargo file on his restaurants in Barcelona, Boteco Fogo and Fogo Alchemy.

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