A report from the Barcelona newspaper ‘El Periódico’ points out that the right-back Daniel Alves, in a statement before the city’s Court of Justice, He changed his version of what happened in a nightclub on December 30.

Dani Alves, ‘new version and without a wife’


Instagram Joana Sanz

Accused of sexual assault, the player said that had consensual sex with the woman, according to the Spanish press version. However, in the first demonstration about the case, it is safe to ignore the complainant.

Likewise, according to the Brazilian reporter Marcelo Bechler (TNT Sports), who quotes a source close to Alves -without identifying her-, Alves «initially lied because he is married and tried to hide an infidelity.»

In fact, according to Bechler, «the source experienced Joana Sanz (his wife) as the ‘ex-wife’ of Daniel Alves». Reason why other media say that her relationship with the Spanish model ended.

(His pronouncement: Dani Alves: harsh message from his wife before going to prison for sexual assault).

The contradiction weighed against the Brazilian, who left the statement directly in prison, says the Spanish press. He will remain in custody until the trial is held..

After the case came to light, Daniel Alves published a statement on social networks on January 5 in which he not only denied having committed any crime but also made sure he did not know who was responsible for the accusation.

The details of the case against Alves

The athlete is 39 years old.


Instagram: @danialves

According to the victim, who has not been identified, she was dancing at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona with some friends on December 30 when Daniel Alves touched her in her underwear without consent.. The Brazilian would have even taken her to the bathroom and forced her to have sex with him.

The woman said that she told her friends what happened and sought out the establishment’s security team, which initiated the protocol for cases of sexual assault.
The police were called to the scene, but when they arrived, the player had already left.

Days later, on January 2, 2023, the victim went to the Catalan police to file a complaint for sexual harassment. Since then, she has received support from the department in charge of this type of crime, and the complaint is prosecuted and investigatedas explained by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

Daniel Alves denies the accusations: «I would like to deny everything. Yes, I was in that place, with more people, enjoying myself. And those who know me know that I love dancing. I danced and enjoyed without invading others in the space of the people. I don’t know who that lady is. I have never invaded a space. How am I going to do that with a woman or a girl? No, by God, ”she told Spanish Television Antena 3.

*With information from O Globo, from Brazil.
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