Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is tuning in to his team’s home game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday from his home as he focuses on continuing his recovery from his January 2 cardiac arrest, he said in a tweet.

«My heart goes out to my boys as they compete today!» Hamlin, 24, wrote before the 1 p.m. ET kickoff. «Supporting me from home while I focus on my recovery. I want nothing more than to be with them!»

The Bills are playing a joker game after their game against the Bengals in Cincinnati, in which Hamlin collapsed, was canceled, leaving them with the seed #2.

Hamlin was released Monday from the Ohio hospital where he had been treated since his cardiac arrest. He was taken to a hospital in Buffalo, New York, for further recovery and was released Wednesday. after what the doctors called a remarkable recovery.

Doctors said Hamlin was released from the Ohio hospital after his condition improved from «critical» to «fair or good» Monday morning, meaning his organ systems were stable and improving and no longer he needed intensive nursing care and no respiratory therapy.

Invoices said in a statement Wednesday that Hamlin underwent a «comprehensive medical evaluation» and cardiac, neurological and vascular tests before being released from the Buffalo hospital.

It’s still unclear what led to Hamlin’s collapse after what appeared to be a routine tackle. Medical staff members rushed to administer CPR on the field as his Bills teammates surrounded him. As he has recovered, he has received a tremendous amount of support from fans.

Doctors have said that commotio cordis, a rare occurrence in which blunt force to the chest can cause a healthy heart to stop beating during a narrow window in the cardiac cycle, could be the cause.

In last Sunday’s home game against the New England Patriots, the first game since Hamlin’s collapse, Bills running back Nyheim Hines returned two kickoffs for touchdowns making him the 11th player in NBA history. the NFL to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in a single game, his first. in the league to do so since 2010 and the first Bills player to do so, the team tweeted.

As Hines ran the kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown, Hamlin jumped up and down and accidentally set off the alarms in the ICU, doctors said.

The Bills won the game 35-23.

david k li Y Aria Bendix contributed.

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