Dale!, Grupo Aval’s commitment to compete in the dynamic segment of digital wallets in the country, It has just given another important balance in the offer of services for its users, the possibility of withdrawing money from any bank correspondent at Efecty points without any cost.

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Users of this digital wallet only have to follow six simple steps to carry out an operation through the 18,000 correspondents at Effecty points throughout the country:

1. Enter the application, come on!
2. Choose the withdrawal option without a card
3. Click on the option in correspondents
4. Choose the amount of money to withdraw
5. Review the information and click confirm withdrawal
6. The user receives a code, which must be used at the time of withdrawal. This code will only be valid for 90 minutes.

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The person should also keep in mind that, when arriving at any of the Effecty correspondents, You must have the identification number and cell phone number of the account holder.the amount to withdraw and the code you received, to make your withdrawal effective.

This new service joins two others that have recently been added to the portfolio aimed at its users, such as the possibility of paying for public and private services from the wallet and recharging cell phones.

The other is to make and receive free transfers to and from any of the Grupo Aval banks using only the cell phone number.

«Our commitment to financial inclusion leads us to continuously strengthen dale!’s services. The free withdrawal service in the Effecty network is a huge benefit for Colombians, especially, for those who receive Subsidies through dale!” assured José Manuel Ayerbe, Executive Director of dale!.

He added that this new channel not only represents benefits for the users of the digital wallet, but also for the establishments in which the banking correspondent is available, such as stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, bakeries, among others, which will allow them to offer a service that will represent for them additional income and an increase in their sales, among others.

Currently, this digital wallet has close to one million users, but the goal in the medium term is to reach 4 million linked people and that the 12 million digital bank clients of Grupo Aval (Bogotá, de Occidente, Popular and AV Villas) use a dale! in your payments and daily transactions.*Valley! is a digital wallet that is part of the business group that controls EL TIEMPO Casa Editorial.