A drone attack occurred this Saturday, July 22, several explosions at an ammunition arsenal in central Crimeaaccording to the head of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula, Sergei Axiónov.

The detonations forced the evacuation of the population of the Krasnogvardeiski district within a radius of five kilometers, according to what he explained on his channel Telegram.

In addition, in order to «minimize risks», the local government provisionally interrupted traffic railway on the peninsula.

The attack has already forced the stoppage of four long-distance trains -two from Moscow and one from Saint Petersburg-, those passengers will be transferred to their rest destinations by bus.

For security reasons, road traffic was also temporarily suspended this morning on the bridge over the Kerch Strait that connects the peninsula with the mainland.

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Today’s, Sunday, is the fourth attack allegedly committed by Ukraine this week against Crimea, a territory that the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, assures that kyiv wants to recover at all costs.

On Monday, the Crimean bridge suffered the second attack since the start of the war at the hands of two aquatic drones, after which in retaliation Russia has bombarded several Ukrainian port terminals on the Black Sea in recent days.

On Wednesday enemy drones also hit a military training ground in the said territory, where explosions went off and a fire was destroyed.

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On Thursday another drone attack caused the death of a teenager and damage to four administrative buildings, Axiónov said.

For this reason, the Russian tourism industry acknowledged this week that the season in Crimea will be bad and that the number of visitors could be reduced by up to 30%.


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