image source, Reuters


«They are the colors of the sponsors; there is nothing scandalous,» the cyclists defended their uniform.

The Colombian cycling team IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar does not plan to change its uniform, despite the fact that it was described as «unacceptable» by the president of the International Cycling Union for allegedly giving the impression of nudity.

“They are the colors of the sponsors; there is nothing scandalous. The effect is produced by the light, but we wear it with pride and there has been no thought of changing it,” said Angie Rojas, the runner who was in charge of designing the suit, upon her return to Bogotá.

And the sponsors of the team supported her.

The outfit, which mixes the red and yellow of the Bogotá flag with beige details on the belly and lower abdomen of the cyclists, was used by a women’s team from the South American capital in the recently concluded Giro de la Toscana.