The far right Republican Partysupporter of maintaining the current Chilean Constitution, swept this Sunday in the constituent elections with 35.6 percent of the votes and at least 20 councilors needed to have veto power in the constitutional body, according to 73.5 percent of the vote.

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In second place was the Unidad Para Chile list (28%), made up of the majority of the parties that make up the pro-government (the Broad Front of President Gabriel Boric, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party), while the third position went to the traditional right of the Chile Seguro list (21.6%) and which includes the UDI, Renovación Nacional and Evopoli.

The extreme right and the traditional right together have the absolute majority and they bring together more than the 30 seats necessary to approve the new constitutional norms without the need to agree with the left, which will thus allow them to set the course for the new Magna Carta proposal.

The election was carried out at 38,665 polling stations distributed in 2,932 polling places throughout Chile.

The BBC Informed that the victory of the far-right formation is considered especially symbolic, at a time when the popularity of the Boric government is at a low point.

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The 50 members of the Council must draft a new proposal for a Constitution to replace the one promulgated during the military regime of General Augusto Pinochet.

This is the second attempt, since in September of last year the voters discarded a first proposal with 62% of votes against.

That constitutional text had been drafted by a committee dominated by representatives of the left and independents, which forced a reconsideration of the strategy to carry out a new Magna Carta.

*With information from EFE and the BBC

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