the chilean parliament it happened this tuesday reduce from 45 to 40 hours weekly working hours, a law with great citizen support that has yet to be promulgated by the president gabriel boric to enter into force.

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The norm, which also has the approval of both business unions and employers’ associations, was approved by almost all parties with political representation and makes Chile in the second country in the region, after Ecuadorto set the working day at 40 hours per week.

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«Today it has been demonstrated that, although some thought that it was impossible to advance in a better quality of life for the workers of our country, it can be done,» said the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Jeanette Jara, after the vote.

The measure, which could be enacted on May 1 for Labor Day, proposes an initial reduction from 45 to 44 working hours a week during the first year of the law.

The only thing missing is the presidential sanction of Gabriel Boric.


Elvis Gonzalez. EFE

The second reduction will be up to 42 hours from the third year, while the goal of 40 hours will be reached in the fifth. Jara stressed that the law was supported by a «resounding majority», since it only had the refusal of the right-wing Republican Party, and recalled that the reduction in working hours «is a demand that comes from many years ago.»

«We thank many sectors of the opposition who took the step and joined the ruling party. We believe that this is done for the good of all of Chile,» he added.

Panoramic view of the Chilean Congress.

The initial project was presented in 2017 by the communist party -one of the political formations with which Boric governs-, but faced many complications during his first parliamentary discussions.

The progressive president, who introduced some changes to the initial project such as gradualness, gave it new impetus last year and in August asked the Parliament process it «urgently».

Once enactedChile will be destroyed, along with Ecuadorin an exception in the region, where the working day in most countries is 48 hours per week.


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