The Central American and Caribbean Games They are one of the most important regional sports competitions, in which the best athletes from different countries of Central America and the Caribbean Sea basin are presented. who compete to get more than 440 medals in different sports disciplines.

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Likewise, the initiative for this project was born from the Mexican Olympic Society, which after 1924, after the performance of Mexico, decided to organize a multi-sports event between Central American countries «so that the sport of these nations increases its competitive level”indicates the official portal of the event.

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These competitions are organized by Centro Caribe Sports (Former CACSO), with sports such as athletics, swimming, water polo, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, handball, cycling, horse riding, triathlon, Basque pelota, among others.

Now, Colombia has historically stood out for its sporting achievements, such as soccer, bicicross and other disciplines, which is why this year the country’s athletes they have won 33 gold, 15 silver and 19 bronze medals. It should be noted that the competition began on June 23 and will end on July 8.

Other sporting achievements of the event:

Well then, on the day last Tuesday, played in the coliseum of the Ciudad Merliot sports complex, Colombia stood out in the finals not only in Rugby, swimming and weightlifting, but also in men’s artistic gymnastics.

The gold of the day was won by Kristopher Bohórquez in the rings, with 13,900 points, in addition, Dilan Jiménez obtained the bronze metal on the floor, with 13,650 points and finally, the silver in the day corresponded to José Martínez in the pommel final, where he collected 7,700 points.

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On the other hand, Colombian women have also praised sports and their talent, well, the coffee maker Monica Arango change his third place in the artistic freestyle swimming competition and cindy mere she won the bronze medal in the women’s 63 kg Judo competition. In addition, the Colombian Yenni Alvarez he lifted up to 130 kg winning two gold medals in his category.

Likewise, Rafael Lozano Altahona, president of the Colombian Rugby Federation, highlighted the commitment and talent of Colombian male and female athletes and stated: “We are very happy for the work that has been carried out, the capacity of our athletes, for the delivery and dedication of our staff. Of course this triumph is dedicated to all of Colombia, to all the people who support us and to all the people who have been part of this”.

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