In the middle of an interview with Yamit Amad about the labor reform promoted by the Government of President Gustavo Petro, Bruce Mac Master, president of Andi, warned about the possibility that artificial intelligence systems affect employment and called to «prepare» to mitigate the risk.

The union leader, who made a series of suggestions for the project, said that Colombia does need a labor reform to generate regulations that allow, «First, create employment. Second, social protection for workers. Third, reduction of informality. Fourth, increased labor productivity. Fifth, modernization of the world of work.»

And he added: «we need modern contracts, contracts that conform to international labor relations, to the digital world.»

(In context: These are the five proposals for the government’s labor reform suggested by Andi).

Everyone today has an artificial intelligence tool on their cell phone and only now is it beginning to know

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When asked if it does not seem to you that the modernization of the world of work is seriously threatened by artificial intelligence, he replied: «We have to prepare for that and do everything possible so that it does not produce unemployment, but it is a great risk.»

For Bruce Mac Master, «everyone today has an artificial intelligence tool on their cell phone and is only now beginning to know it.»

«All these new tools have to be made available to the human being and look for activities in which humans are irreplaceable.. Change is coming and we have to be ready. The labor reform cannot deny that this is going to happen,» he assured in a chat with this newspaper.

According to him, the «big question» that arises is: «What do we do to ensure that artificial intelligence does not harm humanity?»

Mac Master asks that the laws of Colombia land in the new times.

«All the decisions we are making at this moment are decisions of the 20th century. Not of the 21st century. There are many things that have changed or are changing. Today the most serious problem that exists in the world of work is unemployment. Around 10 % And we have the biggest distortion, which is informality,” he said.

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«The government’s labor reform does not say a single word about that. And we are not just talking about labor costs. The reform is a reform for the 20th century. It does not recognize that we are in the 21st century,» added the president of the Me too.

Read by clicking here the complete interview with the proposals that Andi suggests to the Government for the labor reform.

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