FRANKLIN, Texas — One person was killed when a boiler exploded at a southeast Texas power plant Wednesday morning, according to a spokesperson for Dallas-based Luminant.

“A contractor was fatally injured” in the explosion around 8 a.m. at the Oak Grove Power Plant, according to a statement from spokeswoman Meranda Cohn of Luminant, which owns the plant.

“All other employees and contractors have been accounted for and there are no other known injuries at this time,” Cohn said.

Robertson County Emergency Management Director Bill Huggins says there was no fire or danger to the public in the nearby town of Franklin, about 110 miles northwest of Houston.

The cause of the explosion remained under investigation, according to Cohn’s statement, and the plant was still running and generating electricity.

Luminant will continue to work closely with the contractor’s employer and state and federal regulators to investigate the cause of this event.