With the holiday of All Saints just around the corner, on November 1, health professionals dedicated to teaching in Castellon call for more bodies of deceased people to be donated to the science. It represents a contribution to the training of future doctors and nurses; Y a saving in terms of burial, in full inflation, since the University assumes the subsequent costs of cremation.

The coordinator of the Program for the Donation of Bodies to Science of the UJI and the Anatomical Teaching Unit, Alba Coret, reported that since the program began, 51 donations have been made. They are few, «perhaps due to ignorance of society, and more with a relatively young Faculty of Health Sciences, at 14 years old, compared to others such as the Basque Country, where it is already common practice«he quoted.

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Doctor and surgeon at the General Hospital of Castellón, Coret explained that They have a sufficient fund for the practices, «but we receive the fair donations for the undergraduate students. We are not left over. We have students of Medicine, Nursing, Sports Medicine,… If we receive five bodies a year, the appropriate thing would be to double, and reach ten. We have a specialization course in oncological surgery, but we cannot organize others for traumatology, gynecology, etc.»

The number of donations in 2022, for now, with five bodies, is around the pre-pandemic figures of six, from 2019, after plummeting during the coronavirus, with the risk of contagion in the background at that time, with one in 2020 and two in 2021. Who takes the step, «We do not know if it is for altruism, economic reasons, both, etc. We believe that it has been able to influence the dissemination campaign among society and with billboards in hospitals last summer. we will try to promote it«, Coret said. About the procedure, as soon as he dies, the family must first call the UJI, and the university already notifies the funeral home and assumes the expenses of the transfer, the serology,… Since it is established, the period of use are two years. At the end, the family is contacted, and the cremation is paid for and we deliver the ashes to them. If they want to officiate a ceremony, this is the responsibility of the relatives, «he concluded.