The three bodies found Thursday in an abandoned Detroit-area apartment building are believed to belong to three rappers who have been missing for nearly two weeks, according to a Highland Park spokesperson.

The bodies were found Thursday in Highland Park, the city’s director of public relations, Lakisha Brown, said Friday morning.

Michigan State Police officers were investigating an abandoned apartment complex in Highland Park, about 6 miles northwest of Detroit, as part of a death investigation Thursday, the department said in a statement. cheep.

He said several victims had been located in the building, but had not yet been identified.

«Until now we have not confirmed the identity of any of the victims inside or the manner of death,» state police said. «Remember that all victims have families and we cannot afford to guess their identity and then take it back if we got it wrong.»

State police noted that the progress of the investigation was slowing due to the poor condition of the building and an infestation of rats.

Brown said Friday the bodies were believed to be those of Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens and Dante Wicker, who had not been seen or heard from since a Jan. 21 concert they were supposed to perform at was cancelled. His disappearance sparked an investigation involving multiple agencies.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested last week and charged with having a vehicle belonging to Kelly, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said Thursday.

At the time, Dwyer declined to discuss how the discovery of the car might influence the search for the missing rappers. He said there were no signs of violence in Kelly’s car.

“There was no blood or anything of nature that would lead us to believe that they were transported or killed in that particular vehicle,” he said.

Dwyer also did not confirm if the 15-year-old had been arrested. He said the teen was «taken to Warren Police Headquarters» and that he «was taken into custody» at one point last week.