Billie Eilish has filed for a restraining order against a man who allegedly broke into her parents’ home in California earlier this month and professed his love for her.

The «Ocean Eyes» singer, 21, said she feared for her safety and that of her family after a man named Christopher A. Anderson, 39, turned up at her parents’ home on at least five occasions. , according to a request. filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

In the application, Eilish alleges that Anderson entered her family’s home on January 5 «without notice and without invitation.»

The filing states that he stopped at the residence multiple times between December 22 and January 5.

On the last occasion, he jumped the gate of the parents’ property and broke into the house where the artist grew up, the petition says. Later he was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

In one incident, on December 29, he came to the front door of the house and left a white flower and a handwritten note «declaring his love» for Eilish, his father, Patrick Mead O’Connell, wrote in a statement attached to the statement. presentation.

He «claimed that at some point Billie had been watching Mr. Anderson and writing songs about Mr. Anderson, and that Mr. Anderson really wanted to meet Billie,» O’Connell wrote.

Eilish said she doesn’t know Anderson and had no prior relationship or communication with him.

Multiple police reports were filed with the Los Angeles Police Department after the alleged incidents.

Eilish said this is not the first time an unknown individual has tried to contact her family, stalking them and making declarations of love or threats of violence against her.

“I am concerned that one day one of these individuals will do something violent or extremely upsetting to me or one of my family members,” he wrote in the petition.

She added that she has suffered emotional damage as a result of the bullying and no longer feels safe returning to her childhood home and visiting her parents there.

The order seeks to prevent Anderson from harassing her and from contacting her in person or through social media platforms. Eilish also requested that Anderson stay at least 100 meters away from her, her parents, her brother, her home, her workplace and her car.

According to the file, he has an emergency protection order in place after the January 5 search.

It’s not immediately clear if Anderson has an attorney.

NBC News has reached out to Eilish’s representative and attorney for comment.

In February 2021, Eilish received a temporary restraining order against another man accused of harassing her outside her family home and sending her a letter containing a death threat. Before that, she obtained a temporary restraining order against another man who allegedly showed up at her parents’ house seven times.