WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden announced plans for more military nominations Friday as Sen. Tommy Tuberville continued with more than 250 military promotions in protest of the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

Biden criticized the Alabama Republican in announcing the four expected nominees, arguing that supporting the military transcends politics.

“What Senator Tuberville is doing is not just wrong, it is dangerous,” Biden said in a statement. statement. «In this time of rapidly evolving security environments and intense competition, you are jeopardizing our ability to ensure that the United States Military remains the greatest fighting force in the history of the world.»

“And your Republican colleagues in the Senate know it,” Biden added.

He expected nominees They are all Naval officers: Adm. Lisa Franchetti for Chief of Naval Operations; Vice Admiral James Kilby for Vice Chief of Naval Operations; Admiral Samuel Paparo for commander of the Indo-Pacific Command; and Vice Admiral Stephen «Web» Koehler for commander of the Pacific Fleet.

If confirmed, Franchetti would be the first woman to serve in that role and on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House said.

“These leadership positions are too important to delay filling while a senator prioritizes his domestic political agenda over our military readiness,” Biden said.

When contacted for comment, a Tuberville spokesperson said that «what is dangerous is Joe Biden politicizing our military, as he has done since his first day in office,» adding that the senator «will continue his efforts to get politics out of the military.»

The White House has stepped up its criticism of Tuberville’s blocking of military nominations and promotions. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that «a cascading effect of delayed promotions threatens a brain drain from the military.» Biden earlier this month called Tuberville’s tactics «totally irresponsible.»

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said the senator’s move has created «a preparedness problem.» Tuberville and Austin spoke earlier this week, but the senator has continued to block nominations in the Senate.