Atlético Nacional made a very risky bet: he gave him his professional team, the runner-up team in Colombian soccer and with aspirations to continue advancing, a foreign coach with little experience, but who has known how to accompany other experienced coaches; among them, no less, a world champion.

The challenge of William Amaral


National Athletic Press

William Amaral, at 55, takes on the challenge of replacing his compatriot Paulo Autuoribut, above all, to recover the affection of a fan that, despite the fact that the team, in the last three championships, reached two finals, did not fall in love with their game.

Amaral is clear about that and in his first two acts, still as manager, he discussed giving some brushstrokes to change that. Now, with the appointment as DT in property, he already has a free hand to put his hand and assemble the team to his liking.

“The club with the greatness that it does not have can get rid of the responsibility that to win it has to play good football. It is a responsibility that we all have. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for various reasons.»Amaral said at a press conference.

«The fan is absolutely right, it has to be like that, it is intrinsic to the nature of the club,» he added.

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Amaral’s experience

National vs. Millionaires in the first leg of the final.


Jaiver Nieto / EL TIEMPO

The new Nacional coach had a long career as a footballer, 17 years, almost all of it in Europe. He was a central defender who started in Botafogo and later played in Portugal (Nacional, Vitoria Guimarães and Benfica), France (Bastia) and Spain (Compostela).

In 2006 he began working as a technical assistant at Racing de Ferrol and in the 2011-2012 season he accompanied Didier Deschamps, the world champion coach in 2018 and runner-up in 2022 with the French National Team, as a field assistant.

His experience as the main coach is very short and in teams with little history, which raised doubts about his ability to lead a big team. But Amaral is clear about what he got himself into.

The new Nacional coach has a hot potato in his hands: to start giving play to the club’s youngsters and replace several of the experienced ones on the squad.

“The club has changed its project. There is an idea of ​​generating opportunities for young people. We are going to do a project with young players and with some experienced ones”explained Amaral, who expects decisions about the future from some experienced ones.

Amaral’s official debut as DT owned by Nacional was postponed. This weekend he was playing against Águilas Doradas and the match was postponed. And also, the one on the third date, against Jaguares.

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