Atlético Nacional is one of the teams with the most history and titles in Colombian soccer. Today it is known that they have 32 trophies, which, according to national and international sports journalists, position them worldwide as the best team in the country.

However, a few weeks ago he lost one of the most watched and striking finals of the local tournament, as he faced Millonarios FC, one of his biggest rivals.

Nacional has already started the new season in Colombian soccer with a draw against Once Caldas.


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This final had two meetings, in which both teams stood out and for this reason they did not have a winner in the 180 minutes played, but thanks to the round of Penalties they gave Millionaires the winner.

This defeat for the green and white team was very strong, since they hoped that they could get this title that would position them and help them get out of a bad streak.

However, since we cannot succeed, the team leaders will decide to take the project more seriously. and therefore for the new season that is already underway decide to acquire new quality players to be able to get out of the moment they are in.

Some of these new signings and rumors that have been presented are:

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The new nine of Atlético Nacional

After several days of talks and negotiations, Nacional reached an agreement with a Ukrainian team, Dynamo kyiv, for a one-year loan with an option to buy a Venezuelan striker named Eric Ramírez, who is currently 24 years old.

A new technical director

Through a statement, ‘el verde’ made official William Amaral as the new technical director.

It is known that this man, from now on, remains the property of the team and in the company of Ciao Mello they will be the new sports project that at the moment the Medellín team will have.

Rumor about a forward center

According to information from César Luis Merlo, the aforementioned team sent an offer to Boca Jr for striker Nicolás Orsini, 28 years old.

According to the same journalist, The green team wants to take over the services of the Argentine player through a loan with a purchase option.

A new attacking midfielder

Maximiliano Cantera is a Uruguayan player who stands out in the attacking midfielder position. This 30-year-old player has a great career in Uruguayan soccer. Currently, adding all his qualities as a player, he has 40 goals and 39 assists.

In addition, according to the social networks of the same team, the club legend Dorlan Pabon and the former Millionaires right-back were renewed. so that they can continue wasting their talent and that this time they can get a title thanks to them.

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This is how the banner of the fans of Atlético Nacional was seen


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