Four dogs fatally attacked a boy in Idaho on Saturday, injuring his mother, prompting the dogs to be euthanized and their owners cited with 15 local violations, police said.

The attacks, carried out by two Rottweilers and two mixed-breed dogs on their owners’ property, occurred just before 6 p.m. reservation home to the Shoshone-Bannock tribes, police said.

Both the boy and his mother, neither of whom are members of the tribe, sustained injuries and were transported to Portneuf Medical Center, about 13 miles south. The child’s age and the mother’s condition were not immediately available. His relationship to the dog owners was not immediately clear.

The dogs were euthanized by tribal authorities, police said.

A GoFundMe page identifies the mother as Emily and the child who died as Kellan, stating that Emily «did everything in her power to protect Kellan from that attack.» The page claims that the couple lived on the property where the attack occurred, and that Emily was rushed into surgery and is in the ICU with «sustained nerve damage and a ruptured artery in her right arm, as well as damage to the lower back.» back of his head, left arm and his back».

Emily also has a daughter who was not present at the time of the attack, according to GoFundMe.

«I know this won’t cure the pain, but it may at least help so she doesn’t have to worry about being able to support her daughter while she heals,» the fundraiser states. She had raised more than $10,900 as of Wednesday morning.

The dog’s owners, who are not tribal members, were cited for 15 violations of the Tribal Animals Ordinance, including an attack by wild animals and exceeding the pet limit, police said, adding that the US Attorney will also review the case to potentially file federal charges.

There is no federal law on dangerous dogs, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fundso it’s unclear what, if any, federal charges the dog’s owners could face.

A idaho statute allows «anyone who owns, possesses, or harbors a dog determined to be a dangerous or endangered dog» to be charged with a misdemeanor and ordered to pay restitution to victims.

Fort Hall police did not immediately respond to questions.

Local authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation along with the FBI, police said.

A 1997 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Rottweilers were the second deadliest dog breed after pit bulls, having been involved in 29 dog bite-related deaths between 1979 and 1996 (pit bulls were involved in 60 such incidents during the same period).

Since then, Rottweilers have been involved in several more fatal attacks, including that of a 2-year-old girl in Texas in 2006, a 20-month-old boy in Florida in 2009, a 10-month-old boy in North Carolina in 2021, and a 70-year-old Tennessee woman last June.

Male Rottweilers can weigh up to 135 pounds, while females can weigh up to 100 pounds. according to the American Kennel Clubwhich states that «it is very important that discipline be constant, fair and firm, without being harsh».

joseph cradduck contributed.

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