Expert: Domestic flights will not return to normal until Thursday or Friday

NBC aviation analyst Capt. John Cox said on MSNBC’s «Morning Joe» that domestic flights will not return to their normal schedules until Thursday or Friday given the «ripple effect» of delays and cancellations caused by computer outage across the country.

«There’s a ripple effect on this: Planes move around the world, and consequently, as an example, a plane that’s stuck in New York in four hours is expected to be in Los Angeles in five hours. And so on. , the people in Los Angeles who depend on that plane, their flight will be delayed or cancelled, and the plane would say, ‘Go to Hawaii and then come back,'» he said. «So you have all these planes moving around all day.»

«I think it will certainly be tomorrow at the earliest, and possibly the day after tomorrow, before the system is back to 100%,» Cox added.

2,512 flights to or from the US delayed, says flight tracking site

The tracking website informed flight reported that 2,512 flights had been delayed leaving or entering the United States as of 7:56 a.m. Wednesday.

The total number of cancellations stood at 254.

All American Airlines flights from Paris delayed, airport operator says

All American Airlines flights from Paris have been delayed until further notice, Groupe ADP, an international airport operator based in the French capital, told NBC News on Wednesday.

Air France, meanwhile, said its flights from the US were going as planned and were not affected by the FAA advisory, understanding that problems with the system would be fixed soon.

United delays domestic flights until 9 a.m. ET

United Airlines said in a statement Wednesday that it had temporarily delayed all domestic flights until at least 9 a.m. ET.

«The FAA system that sends real-time significant hazards and flight restrictions to all commercial airline pilots (Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM)) is currently experiencing a nationwide outage. United has temporarily delayed all flights and will issue an update when it learns more from the FAA.»

In a tweet, Southwest Airlines urged customers to check the status of their flights on the Southwest app or on its website.

Hundreds of flights already affected


About 760 flights within, to and from the US were delayed around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to the online flight tracker. informed flight. About 90 flights were listed as cancelled.

«Operations throughout the National Airspace System are affected,» the FAA said in a statement.

“The FAA is working to restore its Air Mission Notification System. We are running final validation checks and repopulating the system now,” he said.

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