Police near Detroit found a car belonging to one of three missing rappers who haven’t been seen in nearly two weeks, authorities said Thursday.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested last week and accused of having missing rapper Armani Kelly’s car, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer told NBC News.

A Detroit police spokesman declined to comment on the events in Warren.

This could be one of the first big opportunities in search of Kelly, Montoya Givens and Dante Wicker, who have not been seen or heard from since their January 21 concert at a the bar was canceled.

Dwyer declined to discuss how the car’s discovery might influence the ongoing search. But he said there were no signs of violence in Kelly’s car.

«There was no blood or anything of nature that would lead us to believe that they were transported or killed in that particular vehicle,» Dwyer said.

The police commissioner would not confirm if the 15-year-old Warren resident was arrested.

He only said the boy was «taken to Warren Police Headquarters» and «was taken into custody» at one point last week.