Thank You So Much!

Dear Readers,  Thank you so much for all your kindness and support. You have left so many nice reviews and have been patient with me as I have worked to help you if ever there has been an issue.

I have been publishing heART Journal Magazine since November of 2014.  During that time I have learned a lot!  I have so much more I could and should learn to make this magazine better.  I am very aware of mine (and the magazine‘s) short comings.  I promise you I am working to improve.

One of the most immediate needs for improvement is for better editing.  I am looking for one or more individuals that have a strong English background that would like to be involved with the magazine.

Since the contributors of heART Journal Magazine come from around the world,  I am sometimes unsure how to proceed with editing their  writing.  For example, if the artist I am interviewing comes from a different English speaking country than me, I feel very strange making any changes to spelling or wording.  The spelling and grammar rules of other English speaking countries may be different from American English which I use.

I would like to hear from you with your thoughts on editing or any suggestions you may have for improvements to the magazine.  I have added a comment field at the end you can use to contact me or my email is

Lastly,  If you use the Apple or Google Play apps, please consider leaving us a review.  These really help the magazine and are appreciated very much.  Even if you have left a comment before, please leave another one because comments get buried with each app update.  Thanks so much!  Your friend in Art Journaling, Carla Devine


Self Portrait done in a Carrie Schmitt class in Denver Colorado last summer




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