Art Journaling Inspiration #2

Art Journaling Advice #2

Art Journaling Advice #2

Everyone has their own unique creative voice.  You may not even realize what yours is right now but as you continue to explore the things you love and don’t give up on working in your journal you will begin to see that your pages have a unique look.  When you have done enough work, you will realize that you had a style all along you just needed to uncover it by covering up lots of pages with your work.

Now flip through them and you will see your unique style.  It’s as easy (and as hard) as that.  It takes time but each page you create brings you closer to understanding yourself.  The more you do the more you realize what you like and what products you like and you will gravitate to them more and more.  At some point along the way you will really figure this out.  Just trust the process.  Try a lot of things.. Copy different styles (you may want to add a notation to your page “inspired by ……..”) Figure out what supplies give you the most joy to use.  If you find something that interests you stay with that for a while and see what comes of it.

All of this will add to your skills.  Enjoy the process.  If you aren’t enjoying working in your journal ask yourself why and see if you can make changes based on what you are feeling.  If you find something you like to do,stick with it for a while and really let it sink into your art vocabulary.

Don’t give up on yourself or your art.  You are doing this for yourself not anyone else’s approval.

Happy Journaling!


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