Art Journaling Inspiration #1

Sometimes when we think about creating we encounter negative self talk.  If you are considering painting something but you get thoughts about how this subject has already been painted before, I shouldn’t even try, there are people out there who do it better than me already, etc  Please don’t listen to this nonsense (we know it’s hard not to) and create that (fill in the blank, elephant, cat, heart) anyway!  It hasn’t been done by you!   Or if it has do it again if it makes you happy!

The wonderful thing about art journaling is it is a process that can bring you lots of joy if you let it.  It also teaches us a lot about ourselves including our fears and self doubts.  As we persevere, we learn how to overcome these and truly understand what people mean when they say it takes COURAGE to make ART.

Don't listen to those Voices that say it's already been done, Not by you!.

Don’t listen to those Voices that say it’s already been done, Not by you!.


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