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Hello Everyone.  We hope you enjoy issue 9!  We would like to hear your response to the new optimized format (to increase readability on phones and tablets).  We appreciate your input and want to keep you happy!  Please take a minute and comment here to let us know your thoughts.  Thanks

In addition to the new format we are making a change to the publishing schedule. (Sorry) Going forward we will be publishing every other month instead of monthly.  Publishing an issue every month has been exciting but exhausting!  Until we can get a bigger team we need to pull back a bit.  If you are interested in opportunities with heART Journal Magazine  go here for a list of the skills we are hoping to find. We are looking for volunteers (you will get a free subscription) and have paid positions as well.  Contact us if you want to get involved.

The price of the individual issues will remain the same at $4.99.  But now the subscriptions will be slightly different.  To get the issues for $3.99 you can sign up for the 2-month subscription which will be $3.99 every two months (for one issue)** 2-month subscriptions are not available in Google Play.  To get the $2.99 price you can sign up for the 6-month subscription (for three issues) or yearly (in Google Play) for 6 issues.
**Special note to Google Play users.  Google Play only allows developers to offer monthly or yearly subscriptions.  So that only leaves the option for a $4.99 price per issue or a $2.99 price if you purchase a yearly subscription.  We are exploring the option of setting up a monthly subscription for $1.98 (to pay for half an issue each month so every two months it would be $3.96 for one issue) However, this may be too confusing and may not be allowed by Google Play.  We will make an announcement if this becomes available.

Everyone – Please stop your current autopay subscriptions when they expire and sign up for the new ones so you are not overcharged. Directions for stopping an auto-pay are at the bottom of this announcement.  Thank You.

If you feel that you have been charged too much during this transition please contact us by sending an email through the heART Journal Magazine app (so we will have your account id) and we will make sure you get an extra issue/s to make up for any charging issues. Please open the magazine app and at the bottom right tap on “settings” then on “Contact us here” and send us your email. Google Play yearly subscribers please email us so we can extend your subscription so you get your full money’s worth.

We appreciate your business and hope you continue you to enjoy this magazine.  Please stay with us as we go through some growing pains!  As always we would love to hear from you and want to strive to keep you happy!

To cancel an auto-subscription

Apple Devices:
Here is a link to some easy to follow instructions to cancel an auto-renewal subscription.

Android Devices:
To cancel a subscription, visit your My subscriptions page on Google Wallet and use the Cancel subscription buttons.



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